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Monarch Waystation
at our 2019 PAILA of WCMD Butterfly Release
You may have heard that the monarch butterfly population has dropped by 90% over the last 20 years due to the development and widespread use of herbicides in croplands, pastures, and roadsides. Another contributing factor is the development of subdivisions, factories, shopping centers, etc.  This development is consuming habitats for monarchs and other wildlife at a rate of 6,000 acres per day.
To help save monarch butterflies, we will be creating our own Monarch Waystation at our 2019 Butterfly Release. By creating and maintaining a Monarch Waystation, we will be contributing to the monarch conservation effort, an effort that will help assure preservation of the species and the continuation of the spectacular migration phenomenon.

For more information on Monarch Waystations, you can visit

You can help by donating any of the following milkweed and nectar plants (List is specific for USDA Hardiness Zones 5-6.
We are in Zone 6.):

                  Blanket flower                   Showy goldenrod
                  Blazing star                       Signet marigold
                  Brazilian verbena              Stonecrop sedum
                  Common milkweed            Sulphur cosmos
                  Maiden grass                     Swamp milkweed
                  Mexican sunflower             Whorled milkweed
                  New England aster             Wild bergamot
                  Purple coneflower               Zinnia
We will begin gathering plants in the spring of 2019.
If you are more comfortable, you can make a monetary donation by check to PAILA of WCMD. Checks can be mailed to:
PO Box 4538
Hagerstown, MD 21742
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
~ Margaret Mead ~

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